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No doubt, Water is life. Water of Jaikavadi dam is the blessings of Marathawada and the source of entire development. Due to left & right canal system districts of Marathawada gets irrigations agriculture. The more fortunate is our Jalna district especially our Amabad and Ghansawangi taluka. Therefore, farmers are turn to take cash crops such as sugarcane and cotton. Many more farmers would like to take sugarcane crop. Gradually production of sugarcane increased from 1 lack metric tones to 1.5 lack metric tone.

Before 1982, there was no any single sugar factory in this area. Therefore farmers sugarcane have no alternative except making jaggery. They have not getting sufficient consideration (money) of their crop. Each for all and all for each applying principle of co-operation and keeping broad view of development, we decided to establisha Co-operative sugar factory. Hence we established the Karmayogi Ankushrao Tope Samarth sahakari sakhar Karkhana Ltd., Ankushnagar is on 10th February 1982 having capacity of 1250 TCD.

Ambad tahsil is the motherland of Sant Samarth Ramdas, divine image; therefore we established the sugar factory in the name of ‘Samarth SSK Ltd.Ankushnagat’.

1. Bioearth project –Under the bioearth project we prepare compost manure. Manufacturing from our sugar factory press mud and spent wash, the mixture of it is useful for preparing compost manure from 1993-1994. It increases the production of sugarcane as well as fertility of land.

2. Aasvani project – Apart from sugar, we prepared many byproducts, such as alcohol from molasses, Industrial molasses, press mud etc. for this purpose we have started distillery project with production capacity of 30000 LPD from 14th Feb 1994.


3. Expansion of sugar factory and Co-generation- In the area of sugar factory i.e. Ambad taluka and Jalna District. In which we implemented various sugarcane development project/ facilities therefore sugarcane field Area increased. Naturally we expanded capacity of factory From 2500 metric tons to 4000 metric tons per day and completed in the years 2010-2011, On the basis of bagasses 18 mega watt co-generation energy project is functioning from 2010-11. Due to this project, factory has given more prices to sugarcane farmers.

4. Computerization of Factory – Our factory has adopted well developed software namely VSISUGAR-ERP which is developed by Vasantdada sugar institute Manzari (Pune) for the purpose of smooth functioning promptness and transparency. The functions of following Departments are online due to this software. Sagar co-operative sugar factory is amalgamated on 1st Jan. 2014 in our institute as a unit No.2 (Sagar) Its total functioning is of wireless system on the server of unit No.1 . The whole function of our industry is under C.C.T.V. camera system, therefore careful supervision is possible.

5. Amalgamation of sugar factory- Sagar sugar factory is the branch of Samarth co-operation sugar factory, Ambad. Due to many difficulties it was not working properly therefore production capacity of 2500 metric tons of sager co-operative factory with its total liabilities amalgamated into Samarth co-operative sugar factory as a unit No. 2 (Sagar) Tirthpuri.
Following units are working as affiliated units to our Karmayogi Ankushrao Tope Samarth co-operative sugar factory Ltd., –

1) Yashwant & Ginning mill Ambad 2001-02.
2) Matsyodari Education Institution Jalna1982.
3) Samarth co-operative Bank Jalna 2001.
4) Samarth exercise school , Ankushnager 2014.

Late Shri. Ankushrao Raosaheb Tope Ex. M.P.