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Sarvkashn Cane Development Scheme of Govt. of Maharashtra

Department of Agri. Government of Maharashtra Commissioner of Sugar, Vasantdada Sugar Institute, Pune & Co-operative sugar factories jointly implementing this sarvkash cane development scheme. Our karkhana has taken part in this scheme. Estimated cost of this scheme is about Rs.133.00 lacs. Out of this cost about 16 lacs amount should spend by karkhana & Remaining Rs.117/- lacs will be spend by Govt. of Maharashtra.

Under this scheme entire cane development activities are as following.

1) Drip Irrigation Scheme

2) Distribution of Micronutrients.

3) Green Manuring.

4) Distribution of farm implements and machinery.

5) Crop computation.

For the above scheme amount of Rs.5.00 lacs spend by karkhana for green manure’s and micronutrients.

Drip Irrigation Scheme

Karkhana have decided to introduce “Drip Irrigation Scheme” during season 2009-10. We have given 10% subsidy amount from our own funds to sugar cane growers and 15% own contribution by cane grower and 40% amount is given as loan by Samarth Bank to Sugar cane grower at the rate of 4% interest. We have completed 665 hectares drip system by Netafim Co. in the season 2009-10 and 2010-11.

Soil Testing Laboratory

Samarth karkhana had established soil testing laboratory during the year 1999. But it was closed. After taking as charge of Managing Director, We have decided to start it again. We have analysed the soil sample as below.

 Season  Sample analysed
 2007-08  145
 2008-09  500
 2009-10  617
 2010-11  481











Vermin Compost Project:-

It is noticed that due to excess use of chemical fertilizer the soil is become saline and unfertile. I have decided to install Vermin Compost Project of 100 M.T. capacity per month by investing Rs.30 lakh in 2006-07 and started in month of March 2007. We are distributing 20 bags of 50 Kgs capacity per acre “No Loss No Profit” basis. We are selling 50 kgs bag for Rs.162/- on credit basis and Rs.150/- on cash basis. Season 2010-11 closing bags 1825 & season 2011-12 we have produced 7820 bags upto date and sold 6922 bags up till now. 2731 bags are ready for sale.

Incentives scheme for Adsali Sugar Cane Plantation:-

It was noticed that at the beginning of season in October every year the Sugar cane is inmatured and we have to start the crushing season at recovery 8.5 to 9.0% recovery is very low. Then I have suggested to management that in western Maharashtra they are crushing Adasali cane at beginning of season and starting with 10% recovery.

Karkhana have introduce the scheme for adsali plantation with variety Co-86032. Karkhana will pay extra premium of Rs.40/- per M.T. for June and July plantation, Rs.30/- per M.T. for August plantation, Rs.20/- per M.T. for September plantation.

Group Insurance policy for Share holders.

Karkhana have also taken insurance policy of 7112 Share holder of Samarth karkhana for accident benefit. We are paying Rs.38.61 per member to United Insurance Co.Ltd., we have paid Rs.274559/- premium to insurance company. Under this policy covers Rs.1.00 lakh risk.

Group Insurance for Harvesting and Transport Labours.

Karkhana have taken every year insurance policy with united insurance co. for H & T labours and their bulls. We are paying Rs. 8 to 9 lacs per year as premium to company.

Workers and staff benefit scheme

The Co-ordination meeting of Asstt. Engineers, Chemists along-with Heads of Department is arranged every month and detail review of performance and further achievements were thought of and further the same are executed accordingly, The Heads of Departments i.e. Works Manager/ Chief Engineer and Chief Chemist, Distillery Manager are every day interacting with Managing Director and their colleagues and the Shift Incharge are controlling with prompt interaction with the operatives regarding efficient working, quality control and cost reduction i.e. economical use of materials, control on wastage etc. Further by proper control on working of the different units in the factory the losses are reduced considerably. The Agriculture and Accounts Departments Accountants and staff co-ordination meeting is also arranged in a month and assessment of every-Body’s work is done. Further, the technical staff and other Departments staff i.e. Supervisory staff is sent for training outside ( DSTA/STAI/VSI etc.) and also in-house training is organized with the help of Video Lectures etc.

Group Gratuity Insurance Scheme

Karkhana have introduced group gratuity insurance scheme for workers and staff during financial year 2006-07. We have paid one time premium of Rs.257.63 lakh to Life Insurance Corporation of India and we will have to pay premium every year Rs. 25 to 30 lakh worker’s have guarantee to get their gratuity amount after their retirement or leaving the service after five years. Under this policy covers Rs.3.50 lakh insurance for every worker.

Group Personal Accident Policy for workers

Karkhana have introduce this scheme in the year 2007-08 and taken the policy of all permanent and seasonal staff total 1003. We have to pay premium of Rs.35.00 per worker to United Insurance co, ltd. If during policy period of one year any body expires by accidentally, his hairs are liable to Rs.1.00 lakh insurance. There were one cases occured and benefited from the scheme. We have paid premium of Rs.35105/- only.

Group Leave incashmeant Policy

Karkhana have introduced Group leave in cashment policy for permanent workers and staff total 428 in the year 2008-09. We have paid Rs.53.15 lakh premium to Life Insurance Corporation. At the end of year when some privilege leave of permanent works lapsed. They can cash their privilege leave with Life Insurance Corporation. This year 120 workers are benefited and get amount Rs.6.34 lakh from Life Insurance Corporation.