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Sarvkashn Cane Development Scheme of Govt. of Maharashtra

Department of Agri. Government of Maharashtra Commissioner of Sugar, Vasantdada Sugar Institute, Pune & Co-operative sugar factories jointly implementing this sarvkash cane development scheme. Our karkhana has taken part in this scheme. Estimated cost of this scheme is about Rs.133.00 lakhs. Out of this cost about 16 lakhs amount should spend by karkhana & Remaining Rs.117/- lakhs will be spend by Govt. of Maharashtra.

Under this scheme entire cane development activities are as following.

1) Drip Irrigation Scheme

2) Distribution of Micronutrients.

3) Green Manuring.

4) Distribution of farm implements and machinery.

5) Crop computation.

For the above scheme amount of Rs.5.00 lakhs spend by karkhana for green manure’s and micronutrients.

Group Insurance policy for Share holders

Karkhana have also taken insurance policy of 7112 Share holder of Karmayogi Ankushrao Tope Samarth karkhana for accident benefit. We are paying Rs.38.61 per member to United Insurance Co.Ltd., we have paid Rs.274559/- premium to insurance company. Under this policy covers Rs.1.00 lakh risk.

Group Insurance for Harvesting and Transport Labours

Karkhana have taken every year insurance policy with united insurance co. for H & T labours and their bulls. We are paying Rs. 8 to 9 lakhs per year as premium to company.

Group Personal Accident Policy for workers

Karkhana have introduce this scheme in the year 2007-08 and taken the policy of all permanent and seasonal staff total 1003. We have to pay premium of Rs.35.00 per worker to United Insurance co, ltd. If during policy period of one year any body expires by accidentally, his hairs are liable to Rs.1.00 lakh insurance. There were one cases occured and benefited from the scheme. We have paid premium of Rs.35105/- only.

Group Leave incashmeant Policy

Karkhana have introduced Group leave in cashment policy for permanent workers and staff total 428 in the year 2008-09. We have paid Rs.53.15 lakh premium to Life Insurance Corporation. At the end of year when some privilege leave of permanent works lapsed. They can cash their privilege leave with Life Insurance Corporation. This year 120 workers are benefited and get amount Rs.6.34 lakh from Life Insurance Corporation.

Medical Facility and Medical Aids

Karkhana have appointed one doctor and Opened dispensary at karkhana site. We are providing medical facility to workers and their families. If accident occurs on duty we are giving all Medical expenses to the workers, staff.

Group Insurance for Harvesting and Transport labours

Every year karkhana have taking insurance policy with United Insurance Company for H & T labours and their bulls. We are paying Rs.8 to 9 lakh per year as premium to company.

Ambulance facility

There is no well equipped Hospital near by karkhana. Jalna is 55 km, Aurangabad 80 km and Beed 40 km away from karkhana. So It is very necessary to give ambulance facility to serious patient. So we have purchased one ambulance in the year 2007-08 for only karkhana workers.

Common marriage ceremony for all community

Karkhana has been conducting common marriages ceremony for all community from 1999. The details are as under.



 Date of marriage

 Numbers of marriages performed.

















































 13  2011-2012  14-05-2011  60
 14  2012-2013  26-04-2012














Camp for health check-up of people in Jalna District

Karkhana has been arranging health checkup camp every year. In this camp expert Doctors team checked up near about 2000 patient every year at karkhana site.

Eye-check-up camp

Karkhana has been arranging eye checkup camp for blinds and other peoples every year. In this camp expert Doctors team checked up near about 3500 patients at karkhana site. Karkhana have distributed about 1500 goggles to eye affected persons free of cost.

Handicapped checkup camp;s and distribution of Jaipur foot

Karkhana has been arranging checking camp for handicapped persons every year. In this camp expert Doctors team checked up near about 800 patients at karkhana site. Karkhana have distributed about 500 handicapped cycles, 250 Jaipur foots and 148 blind sticks free of cost.

Educational Activities

Our Chairman Mr. Ankushraoji Tope saheb has been Establishd of Matsyodari Shikshan Sanstha, Jalna in the year 1974 and till to date they have started Six Sr. collages, Seven Jr. Colleges, 20 Highschools, Seven Primary schools, Two English Schools, Four MCVC colleges, Two DCA colleges, Two Ladies Hostels, One Backward class hostel, One B.Ed. college, One D.Ed. college, One BPEd college, One Low college, One ITI college, One Engineering College, One MBA College, One Polytechnic College, One Military School and One Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidhalaya. The total students 23000 are learning in various schools and colleges in well condition. The total 1200 qualified and competent staff will be engaged for teaching and workshop practicals.

Matsyodary Shikshan Sanstha has been awarded by Maharashtra Govt. as “Adarsha Shikshan Sanstha “ for the year 2003.