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Harvested cane transported by Bullock cart, Truck & Tractor to the mill. Cane is weighed on electronic weigh bridge and unloaded in cane carrier then it is prepared for milling by cane knives and fibrizer. Sugar cane mixed juice is extracted by pressing the prepared cane through roller with adding hot water in mills. Extracted mixed juice weighed & sent to boiling house for processing & residual bagasse is sent for boiler as a fuel for steam generation.

Mixed juice is heated up to 70 to 72’C & treated with milk of lime & sulphur dioxide. after treated same juice is heated up to 100 to 102’C & sent to continuous settling clarifier. The settled mud is filtered by Oliver vacuum filter & filtrate juice is reprocessed & Oliver cake is sent out. The clear juice is sent to evaporator for evaporation to syrup stage, syrup bleached by sulphur dioxide & ph maintained 4.9 to 5.0, & then sent to vacuum pan boiling for crystallization of sugar & crystals are developed to desired size & dropped in crystallizer to exhaust to mother liquor of its sugar as much as possible & this centrifuged for separating the crystals from molasses & this molasses is reprocessed for further sugar crystallization. The original syrup is desugarised progressively till finally viscous liquid is obtain from which sugar cane not recovered economically. This is called final molasses. This molasses sent to distillery for production of Alcohol. The sugar is separated from molasses in centrifugal machine is dried & bagged (50 Kg PP & Jute bags ) weighed & sent to sugar godown. Sugar is made in different size accordingly I.S.S. grade, large, medium & small.